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Installation & Registration

If you had purchased from ios.forcecop.com, you will receive an email prompting you to create an account claiming your license. There are two main links:


1. "iOS Installation and Feature Guide" 

2. "Register License"


Please locate that email on your iOS device, and click on "Register License". You'll then be redirected to our verification page, which will allow you to finalize your registration. Please ensure that you wait a few minutes without refreshing until the text turns to "Register License" on your order page. 


If you already have a ForceCop account please login via the dashboard. When registering your iOS license, you'll be able to select the option to register the license on your current account, allowing you to store both licenses in the same location.


Once you have installed the application onto your device, you're all set! Keep in mind that the application will only be accessible from that device.


If you purchased from within your dashboard, all you'll need to do is click on the application name to begin the installation process. 


If you ever need to access your dashboard, you can sign in here.


Features & Proper Use

As with our desktop counterpart, most of the options available are easily recognizable, and intuitive to use. 




The main interface is titled "Settings" (visible at the top of the page). 


From here, you're able to make presets for your preferred sizes. 



1. Setting the size to "Random" gives the bot freedom when picking item sizes, ensuring the best chance at success.

2. If the size you select is sold out, the bot will await for it to come back into stock until it's able to proceed further. However, if the size is set to "Random", it will select any available size. 

3. When setting specific keyword(s) (later in the guide), the size you choose for the keyword will override your selection here. 


The next menu is titled "Checkout Preferences", and allows you to select how the bot is going to operate. 


When you enable the Keyword Finder, you'll see a section where you can input specific keywords for the items you desire. Please keep in mind that when using keywords, there's always a chance of them being switched by Supreme, so if possible, we recommend selecting "Add to Cart" and "Navigate to Checkout", which gives you the ability to manually select the item you wish to purchase (with the bot completing the rest). 


If you would like to setup the keywords, please follow these steps:

1. Enable the Keyword Finder.

2. Tap on "Keywords"

3. Tap on the plus icon in the top-right corner. 

4. Input the keyword, color, category, and size (which will override your selection from the menu before). 


Release information such as keywords and droplists can be obtained from our newsletter, as well as our Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to follow them, as the link to the keywords is posted weekly. 


Once your keywords are set, simply exit back into the main menu and enable "Navigate to Checkout". 


Lastly, you'll see an "Extras" section, where you have two options to choose from.


The first of them being "Droplists", where weekly, we'll post a droplist for you to view. This can also be accessed on your desktop via the same URL (as well as links we send within the newsletter and post on our social media).


Whenever we post or email to update our bot, you can tap on "Updates" and click "Install". This will re-download your app without the need to delete your current one. 




In order to create a checkout profile, simply tap the credit card icon on the bottom of the screen. Then click the plus icon in the top-right, and begin filling out the fields. 


Keep in mind that the "Title" section is used only for you to remember which profile is which in case you create more than one. On the bottom, you'll see text that reads "No, tap to set as default". This means that if you wish to set this profile as your default one (which is to be used during checkout), you should tap the text. 


Gmail (Captcha) 


Signing into your Gmail account can be useful when attempting to combat captcha. 


Although this doesn't guarantee that there will be absolutely no captcha, it will reduce it significantly. In order to sign into your Gmail, simply click the email icon on the bottom of the screen. 


Once done, you can continue setting up your other tasks. 


Supreme Store


In order to open Supreme's website, click on the "S" icon in the bottom-right corner. 


If you have keywords enabled, you'll see a green search bar appear. Ensure that this button is clicked only a few seconds before the drop begins, or when you see the items have appeared. This will ensure that you minimize your chances of getting flagged for excessive refreshing. 


If your keywords are not enabled, you can use the refresh button on the top-right corner. In addition to these options, a timer is present in the center of the screen that allows you to view the hour, minutes, and seconds.