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Following the completion of your purchase, you will receive a link prompting you to create an account claiming your license. Once you're done, please follow the guide below to successfully install your bot. 

This email and password will be used to login to your user dashboard, from here, you will be able to download the bot by clicking on its name.


 ForceCop Supreme Bot Starter


Detailed Installation Process

1. Log in to the user dashboard

2. Click on the product name in the "program" section.

3. You will then be redirected to the Chrome Store, from there you will be able to click on the "Install" button and begin downloading the software. 

4. After it has been installed, simply log in and begin using!


Updating Guide

While all updates are automatic, you can make sure you're running the latest version of the software by force updating.

1. Open Google Chrome

2. Click the three dot settings button on the top right of the browser.

3. Hover over the “More tools >” and choose Extensions.

4. At the top right, check the button labeled “Developer mode”.

5. A new bar of buttons will drop down. Select the button labeled “Update extensions now”.


Switching Network Guide

Because we understand that people often switch their locations, we have added the option to clear your IP, allowing you to use your bot anywhere you please. This option allows you to make sure that only you have access to your software, while adding an extra layer of security on top of your login details. To reset your connection, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your dashboard.

2. Click the "Clear IP" button next to the name of the bot.

3. You can now log in to your extension safely, locking your new IP into place.

*You can switch your IP as many times as you would like.


Running Multiple Instances / Checkout Profiles

The advantage of running multiple instances of ForceCop is the fact that they act as two completely autonomous processes. This allows you to load different billing information onto both tasks!

1. Sign into Chrome. 

2. In the upper right corner click the button for the current user. It may be their name, email, or icon.

3. Select "Manage People".

4. Click "Add Person". Simply create the new account and install the bot onto it. This will allow you to run the bot as two separate tasks with two billings. 

It's also wise to have one window running ForceCop, and try on another window manually as a fallback. 

Multiple orders of the same item is against Supreme's Policy. Your order may be cancelled - use at your own risk!


Common Issues

Autofill Issues: Some users experienced issues with the autofilling of their credentials during the checkout process. This issue is due to Chrome Autofill interfering with ForceCop's autofill. To solve this issue, simply disable Chrome Autofill by going to your browser settings:

ForceCop Installation Guide Autofill Settings Image

After this is done, we recommend you reinstall the bot to make sure it has the priority when autofilling fields on Supreme's website. 


Complete ForceCop Supreme Bot Guide

forcecop supreme installation guide logo


User Terms and Conditions

By purchasing and utilizing any ForceCop software, you are agreeing that you will not share, redistribute, sell, or misuse it in any way or form. Each copy of ForceCop contains a unique identifier with the name and email of the buyer. Upon finding a bootleg copy of our software, we will use the above mentioned identifiers to trace back the seller, and pursue legal action to the full extend of the law. We own the full rights to all our software. Each purchase secures the license to one person only. Thus, all sharing of login information is prohibited. If we detect that you have shared your login information with anyone, your account will be disabled. 




Keyword Search: Ability to search for keywords. The correct format is: keyword color (ex. box logo hooded peach).

Automatic Refresher:  Working in conjunction with the keyword finder, once enabled, it will refresh the page automatically each time looking for the keyword's you've set.

ForceCop Supreme Bot (Starter) Keyword Finder

Pro Scheduler: The timer allows you to schedule when the bot automatically starts. Be aware, that this time completely corresponds to the time on your computer. Once you are done setting up, simply set the start time, and press "save". Do no close the timer page, as once the countdown has reached zero, the bot will start automatically.

- The timer is not necessary, however, it can be a useful option.


Secure Process: All information is stored locally, ensuring a secure checkout process.


Purchase Automation: ForceCop Supreme Bot will automatically add items to cart and checkout for you. 


Restock Capabilities: If an item is sold out, we recommend leaving the bot open for an additional 2-3 minutes. This way, in the case that a restock does occur, the bot will automatically purchase for you.


International Support: ForceCop Supreme Bot works on all locales, including the United States, Japan, and Europe. 


Checkout Delay: A checkout delay is also implemented into the bot. This is done to help prevent ghost orders, which may occur if a checkout occurs too quick. We recommend setting the checkout delay time to 3-4 seconds, however, feel free to experiment with the setting. 


Any Size Selection: This option allows you to tell the bot to pick any available size and checkout. It can be especially useful to a reseller, who is not buying to wear but to sell for money.


Custom Size Selection: This option allows you to select custom sizing for clothes, footwear, and hats. 


Free Updates: ForceCop Supreme bot comes with free updates throughout the season. The seasonal renewal fee is only $25. 


Additional Information

We can not be held responsible for any accidental purchases, so please make sure that whenever you're using the bot, you use it responsibly. 


In the event that Supreme updates their website, you can rest assured that we'll push out an update to our users as soon as possible!


Always triple check your information, as any mistakes during the checkout process can lead you to loosing out on your item.


The keyword finder is an option you have, if you do not want to use it, please feel free to enable all settings required and simply click on the item you would like to checkout manually during drop.