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Refund Policy

All sales are 100% final. By purchasing any product from Force Cop you agree that there are absolutely no returns, refunds, exchanges, or cancellations. This refund policy applies to all orders placed on forcecop.com and all orders placed via Force Cop. The digital nature of the product (software) is impossible to return.

Cancellation Policy

Once an order is placed on forcecop.com, there can be no cancellations or exchanges made. Any purchase is 100% final. 

Update/Renewal Policy

Products released by forcecop.com may be released on a renewal / subscription basis. For the entirety of the user's license, they are entitled to updates, however, once their license expires, they will be given the opportunity to renew at a discounted price determined by ForceCop. At the expiration of their license, the customer is not entitled to the new program/ features. 

Download Policy

The program purchased may be downloaded and installed to ONE(1) device only. The program purchased may be used by ONE(1) user only. All users MUST purchase separate programs, and no sharing of Force Cop software is allowed. Any violators will be subject to immediate ban without refund.

Authorization Policy

By placing any order on forcecop.com, you, the buyer, hereby consent that you have authorized this purchase with your creditor and/or Paypal. By adding any item to cart and checking out, you hereby consent that your card/payment method will be charged and that any "chargebacks" or Paypal "claims" that claim that the transaction was unauthorized shall be seen by Paypal and/or your creditor as a fraudulent scheme by you, the buyer, to retain possession of your purchased merchandise while receiving reimbursement.

Dispute, Claim, and Chargeback Policy 

By purchasing any item from forcecop.com, the buyer acknowledges that any disputes, chargebacks, claims or unauthorized purchase/transaction claims opened by the buyer should be seen by the bank, Paypal and/or creditor as an attempt to fraudulently keep the merchandise and/or service while receiving inappropriate reimbursement. This claim, dispute, chargeback or false unauthorized claim should be seen by the bank, creditor and/or Paypal as a false claim by the buyer in an attempt to receive reimbursement where it shall not be granted. By opening a claim, dispute or chargeback, the buyer refuses their right to utilize the purchased product and refuses all access to all Force Cop services. Upon opening a claim, dispute or chargeback, the buyer's product/service purchased will be immediately, and permanently disabled, terminated and deactivated. Force Cop allows the buyer 72 hours to close the claim, chargeback or dispute upon opening. If the claim is not closed within 72 hours, the buyer will be permanently banned from Force Cop, including all products and services. If the claim is not closed by the buyer, regardless of the outcome of the case, the buyer will remain permanently banned from all Force Cop products and services, and the product purchased will remain disabled. This means if the buyer is to open a claim, chargeback or dispute and the claim, chargeback or dispute is decided in favor of Force Cop, the buyer's product/service purchased from Force Cop will remain disabled and the buyer will remain permanently banned from Force Cop without refund.